Life Insurance

Life Insurance Protects What Matters Most to You...

Your family, your income, your assets, and your future!

Whether you are graduating from college, starting a family, or retiring, it can be a daunting task to decide on what type of life insurance and how much? Our plans are flexible, affordable, and can provide protection and long-term financial solutions you need. The money can be used for final expenses, help replace lost income, cover debts, pay a mortgage, fund an education, and so much more.

The nonprofit organization, Life Happens, has an online comprehensive worksheet to assist in determining 'how much' life insurance you need to protect your loved ones. We also have a comprehensive article entitled Life Insurance 101 that is filled with helpful information.

  • Term life, whole life, and universal life insurance can meet your family’s life insurance needs based on whether you want protection for a short term or a cash value.
  • Disability insurance provides a monthly income when you are unable to work due to a disabling injury or sickness.
  • Annuities help you reach your long-term financial goals, creating an income you can’t outlive.